The Best Funny Bathroom Signs That Will Make You Laugh So Hard


Have you ever seen Funny Bathroom Signs when you are in shopping malls, hotels, restaurants etc. ? The bathroom is a strange place. It’s where a lot of us do our best thinking, where we scroll endlessly on our phones, where we avoid work, or where we just go to do our business. There are many different words for that magical room in just the English language alone, including toilet, lavatory, john, etc.

Cute Funny Bathroom Signs

It wasn’t too long ago when the different bathrooms were marked for the different sexes with a simple “Gentlemen” and “Ladies”. Those days are likely long gone now though. The old-fashioned meanings of these words are long gone. Rather than use words to denote which room is which, we switched to pictograms showing outlines of a male and female body. That worked for the most part, but some people weren’t happy with how uncreative simple stick figures and triangles are. They took things to the next level with their decorative and imaginative bathroom signs.

Bathroom Door Design Ideas

We’ve compiled a list of some of the very best funny bathroom signs spotted in the wild to give you an example of what we mean. These doors could have used the simple “Men” and “Women” signage we know and trust, but these clever little creations were put together by geniuses who believed their bathrooms deserved better. There’s just one problem with these signs; they’re going to be hard to understand after you’ve had a drink or two. Or seven.

Speaking of the bathroom, did you know that the inventor of the water-flushable toilet is an ancestor to the famous actor Kit Harrington, known for being Jon Snow in Game of Thrones? His name was John Harrington, which is the reason that some people call the toilet “the John”. Jon Snow may have known nothing, but now you know that.

Well that’s enough of the Harrington family, let’s get on with that butt-load of funny bathroom signs we promised you;

1. The Science Test

The Science Test

2 Women are Always Right

3. The Most Important Thing

4.	The Most Important Thing
Source: Gallow

4. What Have You Been Drinking

What Have You Been Drinking
Source: @JulesLinley

5. Who are more talkative?

Source: supreme407

6. Whatever

7. The Rainy Bathroom

8. These Bathroom Signs

These Bathroom Signs

9. For the Unisex Bathroom

Unisex Bathroom

10. Which Shoes Are You Wearing?


11. Advice Worth Following

Advice Worth Following

12. Single Occupancy

Single Occupancy

13. Accurate AF

Accurate AF
Source: behshana

14. Take a Seat

Take a Seat

15. Creativity is Key

Creativity is Key

16. Pinball Wizard

Pinball Wizard
Source: NeighborFrank

17. Get It Out of Your System

Get It Out of Your System

18. The Googleplex Bathroom

Source: olagon

19. The Breakfast Bar

The Breakfast Bar

20. Greetings from Pittsburgh

21. German Simplicity

21.	German Simplicity

22. This One is Confusing – Men Go to the Left

Men Go to the Left
Source: mollykate86

23. For everyone

For everyone

24. Shadows and Light

Shadows and Light

25. Legoland Bathrooms

Legoland Bathrooms
Source: p3t3r133

26. Superhero Bathroom

Superhero Bathroom
Source: A2L

27. Holy Island Toilets

Holy Island Toilets
Source: ClaudecfReport

28. Chicken Salad Chick Bathroom Sign

Chicken Salad Chick Bathroom Sign
Source: calebspradley

29. Star Wars Bathroom Signs

30. Creative Bathroom Signs

Creative Bathroom Signs
Source: marley_the_cat

31. Are Creative Bathroom Signs Still a Thing?

Are Creative Bathroom Signs Still a Thing
Source: Madomb01

32. Intergalactic Bathrooms from the Sci-Fi Museum

Intergalactic Bathrooms from the Sci-Fi Museum
Source: Librarygroover

33. This Music Bar

This Music Bar

34. This Funny Bathroom Sign

This Funny Bathroom Sign

35. Cats and Kitties

Cats and Kitties

36. Ah Nuts

Ah Nuts
Source: und3rb1u35ki35

37. The Simpsons

The Simpsons

38. More Bathroom Signs

More Bathroom Signs

39. Back in Science Class

Back in Science Class
Source: Christian Boukhater

40.What are You Wearing?

What are You Wearing
Source: jelee_unleashed

41. In the Middle East

42. These Slovakian Skiers

43. Popeye and Olive Bathroom Signs

Popeye and Olive Bathroom Signs
Source: Patton

44. Going the Wrong Way in Serbia

Going the Wrong Way in Serbia

45. Pizzeria Bathroom Signs

Pizzeria Bathroom Signs
Source: Handicapreader

46. What to Do

46.	What to Do

47. Taking the Mickey

Taking the Mickey

48. Down in Montana

Down in Montana
Source: independunce

49. Tie Your Bow

Tie Your Bow

50. Valencia


51. I’m Not Saying It’s Aliens…

Source: Michael Gray

52. This Seoul Toilet

This Seoul Toilet
Site: Ville Miettinen

53. German Legoland

German Legoland

55. A German Restaurant

site: mmmmmpopplers

56. This Bali Bathroom

This Bali Bathroom
Source: stickyaction

57. Olive or Popeye?

Olive or Popeye

58. The Minimalist Approach

The Minimalist Approach

58. Mao and Femao

59. Cuteness at the Tartu Toy Museum

Cuteness at the Tartu Toy Museum

60. Hot Doug’s

60.	Hot Doug’s
Source: Ramune Rastonis

61. The Donut Shop

The Donut Shop
Source: shinecone

62. The Israeli Super Toilet

The Israeli Super Toilet

63. Be Treated Like Royalty at Kensington Palace

Be Treated Like Royalty at Kensington Palace

64. Guys and Gals

Guys and Gals

65. Greetings From the Netherlands

66. Wo-Men


67. Creativity

Creativity Bathroom Sign

68. Where do Androids Go?

Where do Androids Go

69. In Australia

In Australia

70. Restrooms From the Finnish Aalto University


71. Funny Bathroom Sign in Cyprus

72. The Thai Toilet

The Thai Toilet

73. From Helsinki

Source: Michael Edson

74. A Bit of Bioshock Creativity

A Bit of Bioshock Creativity

75. Princesses and Their Knights at Warwick Castle

76. Is This the Best Bathroom Sign Ever? Maybe

Source: chewbarka

77. Another Thai Toilet

Source: Kansas_City

78. The Seychelles And Their Coconuts

79. Sam’s Social Club

80. Real Characters At Café Korb in Vienna

Real Characters At Café Korb in Vienna

81. This is the Maori Word for “Women”

82. And For the Men…

83. Csak Franciásan

84. Wine and Coffee

85. Oh Balls

85.	Oh Balls

86. For the Ladies

For the Ladies

87. Ladies and Gentlemen

Ladies and Gentlemen

88. Plug Bathroom

Plug Bathroom

89. Simple Enough

90. The Perfect Toilet Sign

The Perfect Toilet Sign
Source: sherlockle

91. Who Wants a Funny Bathroom Sign?

Who Wants a Funny Bathroom Sign
Source: und3rb1u35ki35

92. Ich Bein Ein Berlinner


93. Castelfollit De La Roca in Spain

94. Crocodile Bathrooms

Crocodile Bathrooms
Source: Ralph Bestic

95. How are Your Legs?

96. Japanese Toilet Instructions from Tokyo

97. This Nicaraguan Bathroom

Nicaraguan Bathroom

98. Public Unisex Bathrooms at the Tom Tits Science Park in Sweden

99. Somewhere in Spain

99.	Somewhere in Spain
Source: tennis_in_my_bloood

100. Surf’s Up

Surf’s Up

101. A Cool Toilet Sign

A Cool Toilet Sign
Source: murathison

102 Perler Beads in my Bathroom

Perler Beads in my Bathroom

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