15 Hardly Recognizable Hairless Animals That You Will Find Interesting


The problem of hair loss is really irritating for the people who have. However, the hair loss problem is not only faced by human beings but also by hairless animals. This condition can occur either by old age or disease. This condition is known as alopecia especially when hair starts losing from the body or head. It could have various causes like biological dysfunctions (mineral imbalance or vitamin), natural process (aging or seasonality), parasitic infestations or diseases, or even genetic mutations.

Certain animals such as guinea pigs, cats, dogs, and rats were even developed hairless problem by human beings. The animal’s hair loss can also be due to several mechanisms right from simple damage because of hair being scratched out to severe damage from trauma. These consist of fungal infections including parasitic mites that develop mange, ringworm, or anything that is infectious or inflammatory and it leads to the destruction of the hair follicles. The ringworm can directly destruct the hair shaft especially in the case of hedgehogs. The mites are the reason for the wide follicle opening while feeding around the base of the spines and it results in their spine falling. Fortunately, the list of animals presented below does not look weird with their feather or fur loss. Well, you can figure out on your own by looking at them below.  

#1 Hairless Bear

Hairless Bear
Source: Daily Mail

You can see the image of the female bear without fur called Dolores who were caused fur loss at Leipzig zoo in Germany. Certain experts think that this condition of shaved bear was developed due to a genetic defect even though the species do not found to be suffering from any other diseases. 

#2 Hairless Rabbit

Hairless Rabbit
Source: teddytassen.se

This sweet little rabbit was taken birth in 2009 and he has immediate converted into an internet sensation for being hairless or bald. Luckily, he has become as normal as other fluffy rabbits after three months with the growth of the first coat. 

#3. Hairless Parrot

Hairless Parrot
Source: Daily Mail

Have you ever imagined a parrot without feathers? Have you ever seen a featherless parrot? If not, check out the image of a 35-year-old Moluccan female cockatoo whose name is Oscar. There exists a bird-affecting condition which is a feather and beak disease. The condition of this parrot is caused due to beak and feather sickness.

#4 Hairless Hedgehog

Hairless Hedgehog
Source: greatyarmouthmercury.co.uk)

Why don’t you meet Betty who is a cute bald hedgehog-ette from Foxy Lodge Rescue Center in the UK? She is an amazing, healthy, as well as completely fine critter except for being hairless but the cause of her baldness is unknown.

#5 Hairless Squirrel

Hairless Squirrel
Image credits: murph le

The image credit of this bald squirrel all goes to Murph le. The case of hairless squirrels is not that uncommon as their loss of hair is generally associated with a disease caused by mites. 

#6 Hairless Rat

Hairless Rat
Image credits: CSBeck
Hairless Rat
Image credits: Maxim Loskutov

CSBeck and Maxim Loskutov are responsible for this wonderful picture of a bald rat. Bald rats are formed by breeding various combinations of genes. Besides, bald lab rats offer researchers precious data on undermined genetic kidney illness and immune systems. 

#7 Hairless Raccoon

Hairless Raccoon
Image credits: broccoli)

Sometimes, these mammals may have a parasitic infestation (fungal infection or mange) that results in their hair fall. However, this is found to be a common fact in wildlife. 

#8 Hairless Penguin

Hairless Penguin
Source: Daily Mail

This image of hairless baby penguin is of that penguin that was turned down by his parents at an aquarium in Liaoning Province of China. The main thing is that he was born without hair or feathers. At the aquarium, workers thought that the weak condition and lack of feathers of the baby penguin might be due to difficulties absorbing nutrition and digesting food. So, they started to nurture him and a feathery coat started to grow on his body and was re-presented to his family successfully.

#9 Hairless Guinea Pig

Hairless Guinea Pig
The image credits Alina Gerika

The baldness of this skinny pig is not a disease as it is a bald breed of guinea pig. Their pink skin itself proves why guinea pigs are known as “pigs”.

#10 Hairless Dog

Hairless Dog
Image credits: Karel Navarro

The breed of these dogs is called Peruvian hairless dogs. Machu Picchu was presented to US president namely Barack Obama as a pet when he was 4-months old pup. He had to take care of that dog is hypoallergenic while bringing to the White House as one of his daughters is allergic to most breeds of dog. However, sensitive people can keep Peruvian hairless dogs because of their baldness. 

#11 Hairless Chimpanzee

Hairless Chimpanzee
Image credits: RedEyedRex

As you all know that chimpanzees are another kind of apes, monkeys, and humans. Sometimes, they can cause alopecia which is a hair-losing disease from all over the body. These animals draw the attention of a lot of visitors to zoos. 

#12 Hairless Baboon

Hairless Baboon
Source: Daily Mail)

This female hairless baboon was found in Zimbabwe’s countryside. This animal might have a hair loss due to alopecia but a bald baboon was noticed in the wild. Therefore, the reason for its hair loss is unrevealed. 

#13 Hairless Kangaroo

Hairless Kangaroo
Source: Daily Mail

The name of this creature is Sabrina and it is a female kangaroo that was abandoned by her mother at Germany’s Serengeti-Park. These creatures do not grow hair until they come out from the pouch of their mother. As she has not been carried in her mother’s pouch, she is still hairless Sabrina. Therefore, she should be wrapped up in a blanket or kept close to a warm body to keep her warm. 

#14 Hairless Hamster

Hairless Hamster
Image credits: The Thicket Rabbitry

The reason for the fur loss of the Syrian hamster is because of a genetic disorder. Only hairless gene hamsters can reproduce hairless hamster pups hence they should not breed. Otherwise, their baldness is not a disease. 

#15 Hairless Wombat

Hairless Wombat
Source: Daily Mail

Here presenting the pictures of Karmann who is an orphaned baby wombat from Australia. Wombats should live in the pouch of their mother until the age of seven months old. But, Karmann was saved from her dying mother’s pouch at the age of three months old which is why she is bald. She was kept at a wildlife shelter in Melbourne for her care. 

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